Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Kiln is Done

The kiln is finally done!  There are now lots of pots to be made for the first firing and wood to be cut and split.  You can see the supporting steel is in place and the metal rods are tightened to the point of light tension.  I have included some detail shots of the side stoke port, the bricks that line the side and the ports for pyrometers.  
The side stoke plug is an idea I got from Michel Bayne, a local potter and friend that cast his port and plug using terra cotta flower pots.  Michel is a very fine clay artist working in the Edgefield tradition. 
The pyrometer ports will contain porcelain tubes that will act as shields for the pyrometer's two thermocouples, one placed next to the front stack and one near the back.  They will measure the temperature during the firing along with pyrometric cones.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Final Stucco Coat

The final coat of insulating stucco is attached the outside surface of the kiln.  It covers both the bricks and the layer of kaowool blanket and both help to keep the heat in the kiln.  I anticipate that this will need patching and covering after each firing as the kiln expands and contracts during the firing process.  Next the steel is attached -- I am almost there and it is time to make pots for the first firing!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The wood shed has been attached to the kiln shed and the bracing has been attached to both sheds.  I am ready not to be on a ladder for a while and working over my head and with the sun gleaming down on sheet metal.  But we had rain almost every day last week  and the wood shed roof, which goes slightly under that of the kiln shed creates quite a run off when the rain comes down.  I will eventually attach a gutter and hook that up to a rain barrel for the garden.  Next comes finishing the outside stucco and attaching the steel bracing to the kiln.