Friday, August 28, 2009


The kiln is loaded and the door is stacked. Next is the first firing. It didn't hold all of the pots I made for the maiden voyage but, honestly, it holds more pieces than I imagined it would. I will candle this first firing with propane for about 6 hours until I am sure the castable is cured. It has been sitting under a metal roof for almost an entire South Carolina summer so it is as dry as it's going to get but I will fire it slowly the very first firing. Fingers Crossed

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Everything is made, bisque fired, glazed and now it is time to load the kiln. Transporting the pots down the hill from the studio to the kiln was a bit of a task and there were a few casualties along the way, but all is here now and ready to go into the kiln chamber. I am uncertain as to how many pieces this new kiln will hold, so I made more than I thought would fit in the interior, but we shall see. The actual placing of the pieces in the kiln begins tomorrow.