Friday, August 14, 2015

All of the Pasta Bowls have been ordered along with 4 of the 12 mugs.  Lots of other items are still available on their wish list

All 12 of the place settings for Jake and McCullough have been ordered by family and friends.  However there are plenty of other items on their list still available.  Refer to the list below and let us know if there is something you wish to give to the couple.
Bob Chance

You can purchase Bob Chance Pottery for McCullough and Jake.  See below to get an idea what they want and how to order.

Contact information for ordering:  
Victoria Chance  864-616-0154.  Call or text Email: or snail mail at 
43 Crestline Road, Greenville, SC 29609
You can place an order or discuss a commission and pay by check or cash. 
Pottery Items

Mugs. 20.00

Dinner plate  25.00 Order Complete

Luncheon/breakfast plate 20.00 Order Complete

Dessert Bowls  10.00

Soup Bowls. 15.00 Order Complete

Pasta Bowls. 20.00 Order Complete

Mixing bowl
            Small  15.00
            Medium 25.00
            Large  40.00

Serving Bowls. Varies by commission. 50-150.00

Serving platters varies by commission 50-175.00

Set of 5 condiment bowls 45.00

Tea/water pitcher 50.00

Cream and sugar   40.00

Honey pot         25.00

Berry bowl and plate 25.00 Order Complete

Tea pot  85.00 Complete

Tea cups 15.00 Complete

A Place Setting (dinner plate, bowl and dessert plate) 55.00  ORDER COMPLETE

All pieces will be white stoneware. Dishwasher and microwave safe.  Please note that work in different kiln firings can vary slightly in color

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